Architectural Design (AD) 1975 August issue

The Issue

Architectural Design published Women in Architecture in August 1975. The idea to focus on the subject of women was prompted by the UN’s designation of 1975 as International Women’s Year. The editor, Monica Pidgeon, was ‘egged on by young women libber’s at the AA and …Barbara Goldstein’ to produce this special issue of the magazine.

Letters went out to a 100 women architects asking them two basic questions:

  1. Is there any contribution to architecture which women can make and men can’t (and vice versa)?
  2. What is the advantage or disadvantage to working in the profession?

Eighteen responses were collated including contributions from Inette Austin-Smith, Santa Raymond, Jane Drew, Enid Caldicot and Marjorie Morrison, and grouped into three areas:

  1. Women compared to men
  2. Coping with family
  3. Work opportunities and conditions


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