May 22nd 2015: Valencia international seminar

The Valencia International Seminar
The purpose of the Valencia International Seminar is to explore ideas to mark the 40th anniversary of AD special issue on Women in Architecture.

Research shows that despite high numbers of women entering the profession since 1975, top positions are still mainly held by men. Women architects continue to make a remarkable contribution but their work is largely unrecognized and subsumed in married partnerships, government departments and large practices. Using Gloria Steinem words “Women have always been an equal part of the past. We just haven’t been a part of history…”.

The ratio and role of women in the profession varies greatly in different countries. In India, for instance, 40% of the profession are women but in Britain there are only 22%. To mark the 40th anniversary it is intended to contact 100 women and 100 men in different countries to ask similar questions to those that were posed to the 100 women architects in 1975 by Monica Pidgeon and her team. The results will be used in the March 2017 issue of AD that is being planned.

The Tasks

 We expect each participant coming to Valencia to report on the professional situation of women in architecture in their country including figures of the total number of architects and the percentage of women architects.

There will be sessions organised to discuss:

1) the questionnaire (draft can be accessed )

2) criteria to select 100 women and men architects in each country

3) management of the received information
4) themes for the proposed March 2017 issue of AD and AA workshop 7.11.16

5) organisations and people

6) dissemination and networking
7) events

8) funding


26 Feb 2017

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