Kate Macintosh


kate macintosh

1964-68 London Borough of Southwark, designed Dawsons Heights, Overhill Rd. Dulwich. Published AR Preview Jan. 1967, Building Study, 25th April AJ 1973. Also see “Hill Housing” by Derek Abbott & Kimball Pollit Granada 1980. ISBN 0 246 11203 4 Featured Utopia London film dir. Tom Cordell, released 2008.
Kate worked for Lambeth Borough, East Sussex CC and Hants CC. In practice with life partner George Finch she designed Weston Adventure playground which won a RIBA award 2005.
K. Macintosh was elected to the RIBA Council in 1972 and was a Vice President for Public Affairs in 1996. She was the first chair person of the “Women’s Architect Group”. She chaired “RIBA Conference Working Group” for the 1974 Conference in Durham..

K. Macintosh was both an organiser and an exhibitor in the exhibition of the work of British women architects, “Women Architects-Their Work”, during the RIBA Festival of Architecture 1984.



Dawson Heights Estate – C20th Society walk


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