Dorota Wantuch/ Maria Rauch/Agata Dzianach

Poland coordiantors

Dorota Wantuch


Editor of the nationwide Polish architectural magazine Architektura & Biznes, architect (PhD, TU Cracow) and also interior designer (Griffith College Dublin). She has gained her professional experience working in Poland and for almost six years in Dublin. In 2010 she came back to her homeland and concentrated mostly on her PhD, editorial work, interior design and her little daughter Olga. The Polish Ministry of Culture has just awarded her with grant Młoda Polska (Young Poland) for turning her doctoral thesis into a book on today’s public spaces.


Maria Rauch


Maria Rauch – architect and interior designer. She graduated both Cracow TU and Cracow Academy of Art. She has gained her professional experience working in Warsaw, Dublin and NYC. Her workshops – “AMA” (Academy of Little Architects) – explain the basics of architecture for the little ones.

Her project – “Stolica pod lupa” (Capital under magnifying glass) – about little details, that make the city special, was awarded with the grant of President of Warsaw 2014.

Nowadays she lives and works close to Cracow, creating special co-working space for architects and artists – Mlyn Zabierzow.



Agata Dzianach

foto_agata ruchlewicz dzianach

Agata Ruchlewicz-Dzianach (1984). Interior architect by Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland and PhD researcher in Urban Interior Design Studio. From 2011, she is a leader of GrubyPunkt Urban Laboratory. She is the author of artistic participative projects based on subjective mapping in Spain, Germany nad Poland (

Agata was invited for several projects e.g. in Berlin, Leipzig, Firenze, Vigo or Barcelona. She received several awards in contests organized by Architecture of Humanity Chicago, Centre of Contemporary Art Laznia or Knauf Group. Her projects and essays have beed published by Engaging Cities USA, European Forum Architectural Policies, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonya, Engawa Magazine, Columbian Proyecto Diseno and others.

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