Sheila Sri Pakrash

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Sheila Sri Prakash
Founder & Chief Architect of SHILPA Architects Planners Designers Pvt Ltd.

Sheila Sri Prakash is an award winning Architect and Designer who Founded Shilpa Architects in 1979. She is internationally acclaimed for her trendsetting indo-centric designs, thought-leading contributions to environmentally friendly design and is also known as a champion for the developing world through socio-economically sensitive planning.


Executive Education Program (Graduate School of Design, Harvard)
B.Arch (School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai, India)

Membership in Professional Societies :
Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects, (F-5176)
Registered with the Council of Architecture (C85/9266)
Associate of Indian Institute of Interior Designers (AM- 105)
Member of Institute of Valuers


Lead Inventor on two Indian patents:

  • Protected water supply in pipes is often contaminated with sewage leaching into the ground from damaged sewers in Indian urban centres. This leads to many waterborne diseases and severely impacts the health of the marginalized sections of Indian society. Sheila Sri Prakash designed a monolithic polyethylene chamber that obtained an India Patent No. 159350, dated 27.01.1988 (currently expired). This product was adopted for the Sites and Services Scheme of the Tamil Nadu Housing Board for their extensive Sites and Services Schemes all over the State to ensure a hygienic and leak-proof alternative for drainage lines. This patent was assigned to M/S. Sripoorna Plastech with a royalty agreement for mass production of the product.
  • The growing economy of India has propelled the growth of automobiles and the road networks are strained to the maximum. There is a surge of accidents and loss of lives on the roads because of inadequate infrastructure and traffic congestion. Sheila Sri Prakash’s idea for collision avoidance received recognition through a Design Patent – (India Patent No. 197994).I

Invention collaborator on one Indian patent:

  • Sanitation in Rural India even today hovers around 25%. The main challenge is the availability of water and there is a concerted effort by the government to provide toilets to the impoverished masses. Sheila Sri Prakash collaborated with the Public Health Departments and her work on the Inspection Chambers earlier was the forerunner to the invention of the Diversion Chamber for use in rural sanitation in India. The concept received the India Patent No. 167594, dated 27.05.1988 (currently expired). This patent was assigned to M/S. Sripoorna Plastech with a royalty agreement for mass production of the product. The diversion chamber is used to switch the sewage from the toilet to an alternate Dispersion Pit. The clear water from the sewage overflows and the solids settle at the bottom. Over time the first pit accumulates solids and fills up. The sewage from the toilet is switched at the diversion chamber to an alternate Dispersion Pit, and the solids in the first composts. The sizes of the Dispersion Pits are designed to allow the first pit to compost and be ready to receive the sewage from the toilet again just as the second pit is full of solids.

Lead inventor on a patent pending filing:

  • It has been common practice to use wood for doors and windows in India. Housing for millions in India is still unavailable, and the government is seized with the goal of providing universal housing to its residents. It places enormous strain on a precious resource such as wood, untrammeled use of which depletes forests and affects climate. Sheila Sri Prakash has applied for a patent (366/CHE/2011) for a door frame and architrave system as a sustainable alternative to the conventional and eco-unfriendly hardwood door frames in use today.

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