Venue: Sala Proyecciones, School of Architecture of Valencia, Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain)

You will be also able to follow by streaming (address to come soon)

Programme (draft):

Hour Activity Person in charge
09.00-09.30 Protocol welcome Carmen Jordá, UPV Vice Chandellor
Rosa Puchades, UPV Vice Chandellor
Vicente Mas, ETSA Dean
Francisco Pancorbo, hna delegate
09.30-09.50 Valencia Seminar Overview (10 min) Eva Alvarez
Parlour from Melbourne (10 min) Justine Clark (Skype)
09.50-10.15 1975 AD Women in Architecture (25 min) Yasmin Shariff
10.15-12.15 Women in Architecture Group (20 min) Kate Macintosh
Women in Practice (15 min) Santa Raymond
Women in American Architecture (20 min) Susana Torre
Women in Building site and Practice (15 min) Su Rogers (Skype)
Discussion moderated by Zaida Muxi (50min) Zaida Muxi
12.15-12.45 Morning break
12.45-14.45 Spain overview (6 min) Eva Alvarez
Switzerland overview (6 min) Olivia de Oliveira (Skype)
Argentina overview (12 min) Ines Moisset
Brazil overview (12 min) Ana Gabriela Godinho Lima
Italia overview (12 min) Mariagiulia Benicelli Pasqualis
Poland overview (12 min) Maria Rauch/Agata Dzianach
Uruguay overview (12 min) Daniela Arias
India overview (12 min) Sheila Sri Prakash (Skype)
Africa overview (12 min) Patrizia Montini
Discussion moderated by Inés Sánchez de Madariaga (24 min)
14.45-16.00 Lunch break
16.00-18.00 Tackling structural inequalities (15 min) Inés Sánchez de Madariaga
Entrepreneur view (15 min) Mara Sánchez Llorens
Justice and Governance (15 min) Sarah Bissett Scott
Academic world (15 min) Nuria Alvarez Lombardero
Discussion moderated by Ana Gabriela Godinho Lima (60 min)
18.00-18.30 Evening break
18.30-20.00 Day review & work agenda moderated by Santa Raymond (45 min)
Media strategy moderated by Ariadna Cantis/Amparo Martinez (25 min)
General photo (20 min)

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